Please Note

Emails sent from my site will most likely end up in your SPAM/JUNK folder.
Please check there for any communications from me. 

If you have a query about your order, send me a DM on Twitter (wh1tedawg) for a faster response.

How does this work?

All the items you see here on my site are used.

I have worn them, and they have been washed - I don't have piles of dirty jocks and socks laying around the place.


When you order an item, I'll wear it for three days to get my scent on them. I will then customise the item based on your order.


When you order some socks, I will wear them for seven days to make them smelly. You can order extra wear, just check out the sock page for details. Further customisations will then be done based on your order.

When I'm not wearing them, they are stored in a zip lock bag to retain the smell.

Photos are on my About Me page

That's it!  Any questions?  Contact me