I have set up this site to help me sell my used gear - tradie gear, underwear, socks, pants, boots, shorts and nut.

Gear I'm into includes FXD, Eleven, Caterpillar (CAT), Steel Blue, BAD and Tradie brands and I try to keep my private life completely separate from work, so I'll not post any shots whilst at work as I want to keep my job. 

I use the proceeds from this site to buy myself new gear and replace the gear that I sell. It also helps keeps this site running.

I also have a wishlist of different items that I'd love. All your purchases are appreciated and I thank my fans who have bought me gifts so far. I try to add to it from time to time.

Want to see more of me? Check out all my links here for more photos of me, my gear and other dirty stuff.... 😉